do it yourself electric vehicles



  • Are you being charged for Guinea pig engineering and you pay for all of the R&D and inexperience. 

  • EXAMPLE: Do you pay $8K for software and then find out later that takes only 30 minutes to create through the same software using a more experienced professional.

SOLUTION has top experienced engineers in the EV market with over 300 builds. has proven to outperform top EV manufacturers in power and cost.

We won’t take on a project unless we have past experience in that field.  We won’t charge you expensive engineering fees for very expensive research and development you don’t need to be paying for.          

One stop shop for all your EV engineering:

Guide to successfully building your EV

  • Ask for references
  • Look for actual running vehicles  (Youtube vids)
  • Request estimated cost with timeline
  • Sign an agreement that holds the engineering firm liable
  • Never pay engineering fees upfront!

We found a serious problem in the EV market and we have a solution:

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We Specialize in:


We will explain why there is a problem with most current BMS units and help you understand why certain BMS units are either too expensive or complex or not powerful enough.

Electric Motors:

We can help you determine which systems is best for you and your budget.  Experience in AC and DC all electric and Hybrid drivetrains.

Battery architecture:

We have battery experts that can make sure you have the correct batteries for your application.  You will save a lot of time and money with what we have learned from actual experience, data and testing.