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do it yourself electric vehicles

Question:  How long would it take me to put the kit together after I take my 2 day class?
Answer: About 4 hours with a helping hand

Question:  Can I take this on an highway or road in the US 50 states?
Answer: Yes, since you build it then you will register the vehicle at your local DMV as a build it yourself vehicle

Question:  How many miles can I travel per charger?
Answer: 80 to 00 miles per charge

Question:  How much does a kit cost?

Race car $40K
​Truck $20K

Car $19K

Question:  How do I order a kit?
Answer: Contact us at info@DIYev.com

Question:  How fast does the race car go?
Answer: 80 to 120 miles per hour depending on how you program the controller.  0-60mph  in under 4 seconds

Question:  What color is the white car?
​Answer: White