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Do It Yourself
Electric Vehicle building

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What we do:

DIYev is a innovator for the electric vehicle industry that decided to offer all of its technology directly to the public.  We have developed a new kind of all electric drivetrain and battery pack for small, medium and large trucks and buses that are very easy to use, install and understand.
We  design the Electric motor drivetrain and you just bolt it to the existing (ICE) engine mounts.  All of the wiring and programing is ready out of the box.  The battery packs are all modular which makes them easy to place anywhere on the vehicle.  The more battery modules you add the more distance you can travel.  So easy even a caveman can  use our system.


All drivetrains come with a free class on how to install, maintenance and repair

We build all electric drivetrains: 

  • ​​AC/PM motors

  • 720Nm, 338 HP

  • Best performance in Industry with over 23,000 locations for maintenance and repair. 


  • F-150 EV
  • F-250 EV
  • F350 EV
  • 19,800 GVW Box Truck EV
  • Race Car
  • Small trucks (1,000 lbs load)

We build all electric battery Packs: 

  • ​​60KWH  to 304KWH

  • Modular design

  • Add or subtract modules for more or less distance